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Getting to the Point of Single-Shot IVF

by | August 6th, 2013

Dr. Dan Gehlbach sometimes recommends in-vitro fertilization (IVF) after other infertility treatment options, such as intrauterine insemination (IUI), fail to result in a pregnancy. People with certain medical conditions (blocked fallopian tubes, recurrent miscarriage, male infertility and premature menopause) also benefit from IVF.   1. Regulating the reproductive cycle. The fertility drug Lupron suppresses the pituitary…Read the Rest of Article

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Preconception Testing Provides Peace of Mind

by | March 12th, 2013

Of all the fertility testing available today, only one benefits every single couple that plans to get pregnant: preconception testing. Not a fertility patient? You still might want to consider preconception testing. Dr. Dan Gehlbach with Midwest Reproductive Center works with a third-party genetic testing laboratory to screen for inheritable genetic disease. It is not…Read the Rest of Article

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Dr. Dan Gehlbach Encourages Patients to Make Fertility Resolutions for 2013

by | January 5th, 2013

January 1st has come and gone and many people have made goals or resolutions for 2013. Weight loss, more time with family and getting out of debt are popular choices. At Midwest Reproductive Center, Dr. Dan Gehlbach and our team believe that our patients should consider making resolutions that might help them achieve their dreams…Read the Rest of Article

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New Fertility Study Suggests ‘Freeze-All’ for IVF

by | July 24th, 2012

Since 1978, embryologists and fertility specialists, like those at Midwest Reproductive Center, have painstakingly and scientifically simulated the reproductive process so infertile couples can experience the wonder and joy of pregnancy. The in-vitro fertilization (IVF) process has remained much the same, but research findings continue to improve the success rates. One such study, presented this…Read the Rest of Article

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Seeds of Hope: Dr. Dan Gehlbach Partners with Kansas City Area Group to Increase Infertility Awareness

by | May 1st, 2012

1 in 7 couples will face infertility. Conservative estimates suggest that 1 in 7 couples in the US will face infertility in their reproductive lifetimes. As part of National Infertility Awareness week, April 21 to 28, Dr. Dan Gehlbach is speaking at an infertility conference in Kansas City. Dr. Gehlbach, a reproductive endocrinologist at Midwest…Read the Rest of Article

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IVF and Male Infertility: A Plan B for Getting Pregnant

by | April 24th, 2012

Male factor infertility can cause anxiety, embarrassment and discomfort, but an action-oriented process can help you move quickly from trying to conceive to succeeding. Dr. Dan Gehlbach and the team at Midwest Reproductive Center routinely see couples overcome male infertility after tests reveal the cause. Male fertility tests start with semen analysis. A new over-the-counter…Read the Rest of Article

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Understanding a Semen Analysis

by | February 21st, 2012

If you and your partner have been struggling to conceive, Dr. Gehlbach will likely recommend a full fertility workup. This evaluation will involve an assessment of your medical history, a physical exam, numerous tests, and a semen analysis for your partner. Although many people assume fertility is a female issue, 40 percent of cases involve…Read the Rest of Article

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